Empress Chun Chu (Good_subtitle) *Free_Shipping / Korean Drama DVD

Empress Chun Chu (Good_subtitle) *Free_Shipping / Korean Drama DVD
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Good subtitle

Product Title : Empress Chun Chu  (AKA: The Iron Empress / Empress Chun Choo)

Condition : Brand New , Factory Sealed

Region Code : All Region

Disc Format : NTSC

Other Information : 16 DVDs Box Set (DVD9)  ,  78 Episodes (complete version)

Audio : Korean

Subtitles : English


Starring :  Main Cast


    Chae Si Ra as Empress Chun Chu

    Kim So Eun as young Hwang Bo Soo / Chun Chu

    Kim Suk Hoon as Kim Chi Yang

    Choi Jae Sung as Gang Jo

    Lee Duk Hwa as General Kang Kam Chan

    Lee In as Mok Jong (The 7th King; the empress's son with the 5th king)

    Park Ji Bin as Wang Song / Prince Gae Ryeong


Extended Cast


The Royal Family


    Kim Ji Hoon as King Hyeon Jong (The 8th King; Wang Wook & Hwang Bo Seol's son)

        Kim Jin Woo as Wang Sun / infint King Hyeon Jong

        Choi Soo Han as Wang Sun / young King Hyeon Jong

    Kim Ho Jin as Wang Wook / Prince Gyeong Joo

    Shin Ae as Hwang Bo Seol / Princess Hun Jung (the empress's younger sister)

        Park Eun Bin as young Hwang Bo Seol

    Kim Myung Soo as Seong Jong / Wang Chi (The 6th King and the empress's older brother)

        Choi Woo Hyuk as Wang Chi / young Seong Jong

    Moon Jung Hee as Empress Moon Hwa / Lady Kim (Seong Jong's 2nd wife)

        Kim Min Ji as young Lady Kim

    Park Shi Eun as Empress Won Jeong (Seong Jong & Moon Hwa's daughter; Hyeon Jong's wife)

    Lee Hyun Kyung as Empress Moon Deok / Lady Yu (Seong Jong's 1st wife)

    Lee In Hye as Empress Seon Jeong (Mok Jong's wife)

    Han Bo Bae as Yoo Sun (teen)

    Choi Chul Ho as Gyeong Jong / Wang Yu (The 5th King)

    Ban Hyo Jung as Queen mother, Shin Jung Hwang (Taejo Wang Geon's 4th wife)

    Lee Young Ah as Empress Dae Mok (Gyeong Jong's mother)

    Jang Hee Soo as Princess Choong Jo


Other people


    Im Hyuk as Seo Hee (Minister of Foreign Affairs)

    Hong In Young as Cheon Hyang Bi

    Kim Ye Won as young Cheon Hyang Bi

    Lee Chae Young as Sa Il Ra/Saila

    Kim Hyung Min as Sa Ga Moon/Sagamun (Saila's older brother)

    Jun Moo Song as Lee Ji Baek

    Won Suk Yun as Lee Kyeom Ui

    Kim Jong Kyul as Choi Ryang

    Lee Ki Yeol as Choi Seom

    Park Ji Il as Kim Shim Eon

    Kim Byung Gi as Kim Won Soong (Empress Moon Hwa's father)

    Oh Wook Chul as Jo Haeng Soo

    Jo Byung Gon as Lee Yang

    Lee Joon Woo as Seol Shin Yoo

    Jun Seung Hwan as Choi Ji Mong

    Maeng Ho Rim as Park Yang Yoo

    Im Byung Ki as Han Yeon Gong

    Kim Young Sun as Han In Kyung

    Park Chul Ho as Kim Hoon

    Choi Wang Soon as Choi Jil

    Choi Dong Joon as Dae Do Soo

    Lee Won Bal as Yoo Bang

    Choi Joon Yong as Lee Hyun Woon

    Kim Byung Choon as Lee Joo Jeong

    Jung Jin as Go Hyeon

    Ahn Hae Sook as Court lady Yoon

    Ki Jong Woon as Court lady J

    Kim Mi Ra as Lee Seol Hwa

    Park Jin Woo as Yoo Hyung Gan

    Lee Tae Im as Kim Mil Hwa

    Park Byung Ho as Jin Gwan (Priest, young King Hyeon Jong's guardian)

    Kang Soo Han as Wang Soon




    Shim Hye Jin as Empress Xiao/So Tae Hoo (Khitan Queen)

    Jang Dong Jik as Geo Ran Seongjong (adult Khitan Emperor)

    Oh Gun Woo as Geo Ran Seongjong (young Khitan Emperor)

    Lee Jin Woo as Han Duk Yang (prime minister)

    Kim Sung Hyun as Ya Yul Bun Noh (warrior)

    Kim Myung Gook as Ya Yul Juk Ryul (warrior)

    Lee Han Sol as Ya Yul Mu Ki (one eye warrior)

    Lee Eun Jung as Dok Yeon (female warrior/Sagamun's wife)

    Lee Eon Jung as Hyeol Mae

    Ji Dae Han as So Son Nyeong

    Jung Heung Chae as So Bae Ab

    Yoo Joo Hee as So Chal Ri

    Cha Jae Dol

    Jung Han Bi

    Baek Min Hyun





The drama is about the third empress of the Goryeo era who fought against the Tungusic people of Manchuria in order to achieve their dream of reclaiming their old land.




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