My Love Patzzi (regular_version) *Free_Shipping / Korean Drama

My Love Patzzi (regular_version) *Free_Shipping / Korean Drama
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Product Title :My Love Patzzi (AKA: My Love Cindy)

Condition : Brand New / Factory Sealed

Region Code : All Region

Disc Fomat : NTSC

Other Informaion : 6 DVDs Box Set (DVD5)  /  10 Episodes (complete version)

Audio / Languages : Korean / Mandarin

Subtitles : English/ Chinese / Malaysian

Starring : Jang Nara / Kim Rae Won / Kim Jae Won / Hong Eun Hee



Kim Rae-Won (Rooftop Room Cat) and Kim Jae-Won (Romance) star in "My Love Patzzi," an amusing and romantic parody of a popular Cinderella-like Korean folktale. In the folktale, Patzzi is the mean, ugly sister whom everyone hates. Kongzzi is the nice, pretty girl that ends up with the prince. However, in this parody, Kongzzi really isn't all that nice and Patzzi, although at times mischievous, tomboyish, and rude, is actually a good-hearted, innocent girl.

Pop music star Jang Na-Ra is Song-Ee (Patzzi), who has been in competition with Hee-Won (Kongzzi) ever since elementary school. When it comes to guys, Hee-Won always wins, and she currently has the handsome Hyun-Sung (Kim Rae-Won) on a leash. So when the rich and successful Seung-Joon (Kim Jae-Won) enters the scene, Hee-Won naturally thinks he will fall for her too. But will Seung-Joon recognize a wolf in sheep's clothing?

Directed by Lee Jin-Seok (director of the K-drama classics All About Eve, Star in My Heart, and Four Sisters), "My Love Patzzi" is a story about forgiveness, understanding, finding the true meaning of happiness, and being the real "you." Watch Song-Ee and Hee-Won settle their lifelong rivalry in this classic Korean TV drama mini-series!

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