Snow Flower (regular_version) *Free_Shipping / Korean Drama

Snow Flower (regular_version) *Free_Shipping / Korean Drama
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*** English Subtitles might contain grammatical and/or typos. ***

Product Title : Snow Flower

Condition : Brand New / Factory Sealed

Region Code : All Region

Disc Fomat : NTSC

Other Informaion : 8 DVDs Box Set (DVD5)  /  16 Episodes (complete version)

Audio / Languages : Korean / Mandarin

Subtitles : English/ Chinese

Starring : Kim Hee Ae / Ko A Ra / Lee Jea Ryong / Kim Ki Bum


The shooting of the drama “Snow Flower” will commence in Japan in September. It is based on the same-titled novel written by Kim Su-hyun and stars actresses Kim Hee-ae and Goh Ah-ra.

The chief of production company Samhwa, Shin Hyun-taek, said Friday that Kim Hee-ae and Goh concluded a contract to appear in the drama six months ago and that the shooting will be launched in September.

The drama portrays affection and conflict between a mother and her only daughter. Kim Hee-ae will play the mother and Goh the daughter. Kim Su-hyun’s pupil Park Jin-woo will dramatize the novel and the original writer will supervise the revision. The director has yet to be named.

The soap opera was originally supposed to be produced in October 2004 and aired from January 2005 on SBS. But the production was postponed when original author Kim Su-hyun opposed the proposal to cast singer Lee Hyo-ri as the daughter. The novel was once cinematized in 1991 and actresses Yoon Jeong-hee and Lee Mi-yeon played the leads.

“With other major cast members undecided, Choi Kang Chang-min (aka Max,) a member of the idol group TVXQ, will play the role of the boyfriend of Goh's character. A Japanese idol star will appear as Goh’s stepsister,” Shin added.

The drama will likely be aired on either MBC or SBS in January or February next year after scenes featuring snow are filmed in November and December, Shin said.

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