The Night Watchman (Good_subtitle) *Free_Shipping / Korean Drama DVD

The Night Watchman (Good_subtitle) *Free_Shipping / Korean Drama DVD
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Good subtitle

Product Title : The Night Watchman  (AKA: Night Watchman's Journal / Records of a Night Watchman / Diary of a Night Watchman)

Condition : Brand New , Factory Sealed

Region Code : All Region

Disc Format : NTSC

Other Information : 6 DVDs Box Set (DVD9)  ,  24 Episodes (complete version)

Audio : Korean

Subtitles : English


Starring :  Main Cast


    Jung Il Woo as Lee Rin

        Kim Hwi Soo as child Lee Rin

    Go Sung Hee as Do Ha

        Lee Chae Mi as child Do Ha

    Jung Yoon Ho as Kang Moo Suk

    Seo Ye Ji as Park Soo Ryun

        Kang Joo Eun as child Soo Ryun


Extended Cast


    Kim Heung Soo as Prince Ki San

        Lee Tae Woo as child Prince Ki San

    Choi Won Young as King Hae Jong

    Seo Yi Sook as Queen Dowager Chung Soo

    Song Yi Woo as Queen Min

    Go Chang Suk as Ddoong Jung Seung

    Lee Se Chang as Eunuch Song

    Lee Jae Yong as Park Soo Jong

    Kim Sung Oh as Sa Dam

    Yoo Da In as Yun Ha

    Yoon Tae Young as Jo Sang Hun

    Kang Ji Woo as Rang Yi

    Moon Bo Ryung as Mo Yun Wol

    Hwang Suk Jung as Dang Gol Uh-mi

    Ah Young as Hong Cho Hee

    Shim Eun Jin as Ok Mae

    Ahn Jung Hoon as Mr. Chun

    Jo Dal Hwan as Maeng Sa Gong

    Kim Kyul as ghost of an unmarried man

    Kim So Yun as Kang In Hwa

    Alice as Mae Hyang

    Lee Joon Suk as Uk Kwi

    Seung Hee as Young Geun

    Jun Hye Young as Sa Wol

    Jung Woo Shik as Ho Jo

    Lee Ha Yool as Dae Ho





A fantasy romance drama set during the Joseon dynasty. This drama is about Lee Rin (Jung Il Woo), a prince who lives a lonely life outside the palace since childhood, even though he is born in the direct line of descent. Lee Rin has wealth and good looks but lives as a rebel to overcome internal struggles. Due to the fact that he can see ghosts, Lee Rin hides his secret and pain from childhood with a smiling face and playful behavior. After meeting Do Ha (Go Sung Hee), Lee Rin will be joining the team of night watchmen and becomes a true prince after seeing the lives of the citizens as he helps get rid of the ghosts.


Young watchmen of the Joseon Dynasty fight demons in this "Ghostbusters"-like story. Set in the backdrop of the royal palace, the good guys vanquish demons while the bad guys use them for their purposes. The palace is rife with sinister plans to seize power and usurp the king. Through this story of young people who hunt demons, the tribulations and joys of life are shown in all their glory.


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