Midas (Good_subtitle) *Free_Shipping / Korean Drama DVD

Midas (Good_subtitle) *Free_Shipping / Korean Drama DVD
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Good subtitle

Product Title : Midas

Condition : Brand New , Factory Sealed

Region Code : All Region

Disc Format : NTSC

Other Information : 5 DVDs Box Set (DVD9)  ,  21 Episodes (complete version)

Audio : Korean

Subtitles : English


Starring :  Main Cast

    Jang Hyuk as Kim Do Hyun

    Kim Hee Ae as Yoo In Hye

    Lee Min Jung as Lee Jung Yeon


Do Hyun's family


    Lee Duk Hwa as Kim Tae Sung

    Kim Sung Oh as Kim Do Chul (Do Hyun's half-brother)


In Hye's family


    Kim Sung Kyum as Yoo Pil Sang

    Choi Jung Woo as Yoo Ki Joon (In Hye's oldest brother)

    Yoon Je Moon as Yoo Sung Joon (In Hye's second brother)

    No Min Woo as Yoo Myung Joon (In Hye's youngest brother)

    Han Yoo Yi as Yoo Mi Ran (In Hye's little sister)


Other people


    Chun Ho Jin as Choi Gook Hwan

    Lee Moon Soo as Lee Yong Gook (Jung Yeon's father)

    Jung Suk Won as Jae Bum

    Seo Joo Ae as Soo Ji

    Lee Sang Yeob as Han Jang Suk

    Jang Won Young as Man Soo

    Kang Kyung Hun as Bae Jung Ja

    Shin Chae Won as Yang Soo Jung

    Baek Seung Hyun as Chang Soo

    Kim Byung Gi as Goo Sung Chul

    Lee Hae Young as Cha Young Min

    Yang Jin Woo as Lee Jung Do

    Kim Sun Il as Choi Gook Hwan's secretary

    Lee Sun Ho as prosecutor

    Choi Young Shin as room salon girl

    Shin Seung Hwan as Jae Bok

    Yeo Ho Min

    Park Hyuk Kwon

    Ricky Lee Neely

    Kim Gyu Jin





A business drama about mergers and acquisitions between companies.

Kim Do-hyun is an intelligent man with a modest upbringing. He is the top student in his class at one of the top-tier law schools in the country. While looking for prospective jobs, he is recruited as an attorney for an affluent family whose true wealth may be more than anyone could have imagined. His dreams of a peaceful life with his girlfriend (Lee Jung-yeon) are changed when someone "makes him an offer he can't refuse."


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