History of the Salaryman (Chinese_version) *Free_Shipping *Chinese_Subtitles_only / Korean Drama DVD

History of the Salaryman (Chinese_version) *Free_Shipping *Chinese_Subtitles_only / Korean Drama DVD
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Product Title : History of the Salaryman  

Condition : Brand New , Factory Sealed

Region Code : All Region

Disc Format : NTSC

Other Information : 4 DVDs Box Set (DVD9)  ,  22 Episodes (complete version)

Audio : Korean / Mandarin

Subtitles :  Chinese


Starring :      Lee Bum Soo as Yoo Bang

    Jung Ryu Won as Baek Yeo Chi

    Jung Gyu Woon as Cho Hang Woo

    Hong Soo Hyun as Cha Woo Hee


Extended cast


    Kim Suh Hyung as Mo Ga Bi

    Lee Duk Hwa as Jin Si Hwang

    Kim Il Woo as Jang Ryang

    Yoon Yong Hyun as Bun Kwae

    Lee Ki Young as Park Bum Jung

    Yoo Hyung Kwan as So Ha

    Yang Hyung Wook as Han Shin

    Kim Eung Soo as Oh Ji Rak

    Park Sang Myun as Jin Ho Hae

    Jang Hyun Sung as Cho Hang Ryang

    Lee Joon (Cameo, Episode 1)





One night Yoo Bang (played by Lee Bum Soo) enters a dark, mysterious villa with nothing but a flashlight, only to find an executive of the Chunha Medical Group, Ho Hae slouched in a chair, dead and Jin Ho Hae's niece, Yeo Chi (Jung Ryu Won) hiding behind a curtain. At Ho Hae's funeral, Yoo Bang and Yeo Chi are suddenly taken into custody for his murder. We're taken three months into the past to reveal what led to this murder and exactly who was responsible. During this flashback we meet Choi Hang Woo (Jung Gyu Won), a director from Ho Hae's rival pharmaceutical company, who is undercover to steal the formula for their new drug and the Chief Researcher from Chunha Group, Cha Woo-Hee (played by Hong Soo Hyun). The lives of these individuals will all be intertwined within these three months to reveal exactly just who murdered Ho Hae, and why.



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