New Tales of Gisaeng (Good_subtitle) *Free_Shipping / Korean Drama DVD

New Tales of Gisaeng (Good_subtitle) *Free_Shipping / Korean Drama DVD
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Good subtitle

Product Title : New Tales of Gisaeng   (AKA: New Gisaeng Story)

Condition : Brand New , Factory Sealed

Region Code : All Region

Disc Format : NTSC

Other Information : 10 DVDs Box Set (DVD9)  ,  52 Episodes (complete version)

Audio : Korean

Subtitles : English


Starring :  Main Cast


    Im Soo Hyang as Dan Sa Ran

    Sung Hoon as Ah Da Mo

    Han Hye Rin as Geum Ra Ra


Sa Ran's family


    Kim Joo Young as Dan Chul Soo

    Lee Sook as Ji Hwa Ja

    Baek Ok Dam as Dan Gong Joo


Da Mo's family


    Im Hyuk as Ah Soo Ra

    Kim Hye Jung as Cha Ra Ri

    Ahn Young Joo as Park Ae Ja


Other people


    Jun Ji Hoo as Son Ja

    Jin Ye Sol as Jin Joo Ah

    Lee Soo Jin as Sung Ah Mi

    Park Yoon Jae as Oh Jin Ahm

    Kim Ho Chang as Yoo Tae Young

    Michael Blunck as Kyle Huntington

    Shin Goo as Master Joong Bong

    Jun Sung Hwan as Master Jung Do

    Lee Hyo Jung as Ma Yi Joon

    Kim Joon Hyung as Do Suk

    Son Ga Young as Choi Young Nim

    Won Jong Rye as Young Nim's mother

    Kim Sun Il as Min Jae

    Min Joon Hyun as manager

    Yoon Ji Eun

    Kyung Soo Jin


Ra Ra's family


    Lee Dae Ro as Geum Shi Jo

    Seo Woo Rim as Lee Hong Ah

    Han Jin Hee as Geum Eo San

    Park Jin as young Eo San

    Lee Jong Nam as Jang Joo Hee

    Lee Dong Joon as Geum Kang San

    Lee Sang Mi as Shin Hyo Ri




    Kim Bo Yun as Oh Hwa Ran

    Kim Hye Sun as Han Soon Duk

    Jung Han Bi as young Soon Duk

    Choi Sun Ja as Hwa Ran's mother

    Lee Mae Ri as Lee Do Hwa

    Park Joon Myun as No Eun Ja

    Seo Dong Soo as Ma Dan Se

    Song Dae Kwan as Seo Saeng Kang

    Oh Ki Chan as Oh Bong Yi

    Kang Cho Hee as Han Song Yi

    Kim Yul as Baek Soo Jung

    Seol Yoon as Jang Soo Jin

    Yoon Ji Eun as Song Hye Eun

    SAT as Ye Rang

    Lee Sun Ah as Lee Ji Hyang

    Oh Ji Yun as Kim-sshi






New Tales of Gisaeng depicts the love, sadness and pain of people surrounding a gisaeng house, where only VIPs can enter.


Dan Sa Ran majored in classical dance while attending college. Her mother died when she was still young and her father remarried, bringing with him a new stepsister and a materialistic stepmother whom she has trouble warming up to. Sa Ran comes from a poor family, but she maintains her dignity around friends who come from rich families. Either fate or coincidence brings her together with Da Mo, to whom she feels an instant attraction, but her awareness of her poor background restrains her from voicing it. A head gisaeng at Buyongkak observes Sa Ran's natural beauty and grace as well as dancing talent, and recommends her to become a gisaeng.


Ah Da Mo takes business administration training at his father's company. He does not get along with his father, who is indifferent towards his family and only shows affection towards their pet dog. Da Mo is cocky and tends to look down on women, but begins to question his attitude when he meets Sa Ran by chance. He finds himself involuntarily drawn to her, and their relationship begins.




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