Welcome to Samdalri (Good_subtitle) *Free_Shipping / Korean Drama DVD

Welcome to Samdalri (Good_subtitle) *Free_Shipping / Korean Drama DVD
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Good subtitle

Product Title :  Welcome to Samdalri     (AKA:  Welkeomtu Samdalli (Welcome to Samdal-ri) )

Condition : Brand New , Factory Sealed

Region Code : All Region

Disc Format : NTSC

Other Information :  7  DVDs Box Set   ,  16  Episodes (complete version)

Audio : Korean

Subtitles : English


Starring :  Main Cast

Ji Chang Wook as Jo Yong Pil

Shin Hye Sun as Jo Sam Dal


Sam Dal's family

Kim Mi Kyung as Go Mi Ja

Seo Hyun Chul as Jo Pan Shik

Shin Dong Mi as Jo Jin Dal

Kang Mi Na as Jo Hae Dal

Kim Do Eun as Cha Ha Yool (Hae Dal's daughter)


Yong Pil's family

Yoo Oh Sung as Jo Sang Tae

Jung Yoo Mi as Boo Mi Ja


Five Eagle Brothers

Kang Young Suk as Boo Sang Do

Lee Jae Won as Wang Kyung Tae

Bae Myung Jin as Cha Eun Woo


People around the three sisters

Yang Kyung Won as Jun Dae Young

Kang Gil Woo as Go Chul Jong

Kim Min Chul as Gong Ji Chan


People in Samdal-ri

Baek Hyun Joo as Oh Geum Sool

Kim Mi Hwa as Yang Boo Ja

Yoon Jin Sung as Jun Hye Ja

Kim Ja Young as Yang Geum Ok

Yoo Soon Woong as Boo Dae Choon

Byun Jong Soo as Wang Sung Goo

Yoo Seung Il as Cha Man Duk

Sazal Mahamud as Kim Man Soo


Jeju Island's Meteorological Administration

Lee Tae Hyung as Han Suk Kyu

Kim Hyun Mok as Kang Baek Ho


People in Yook Ji

Yoon Seo as Bang Eun Joo

Han Eun Sung as Chun Choong Gi

Kim Ah Young as Go Eun Bi

Lee Do Hye as Yang Ji Eun


Special Guest Appearances

Kim Tae Hee





Set in Jeju Island, the story revolves around two childhood friends, Jo Yong-pil (Ji Chang-wook) and Jo Sam-dal (Shin Hye-sun). After losing his mother to a mistaken weather report, Yong-pil decides to become a weather forecaster to protect the elders of his hometown. However, his passion and refusal to let misinformation slide earns him a reputation as a stubborn troublemaker. On the other hand, Sam-dal moves to Seoul to pursue her dreams of becoming a successful fashion photographer, and goes by the name of Jo Eun-hye. However, when her life suddenly falls apart, she returns to her hometown, where she reconnects with Yong-pil. Despite an incident that drove them apart, the two friends find their affection for each other is still as strong as ever.

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